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Game-making environments

As part of the groundwork for MAGICAL, we carried out an extensive survey of existing game-making environments for learners. Our aims were to:

  • further our understanding of such tools by capturing the state of the art
  • bring the requirements and specifications for MAGOS into sharper focus
  • avoid reinventing the wheel.

The survey generated strong interest in the community, so we've taken it one step further and developed the MAGICAL library of digital environments for learners’ game making.


If the answer is yes, let's hear about your impressions. For a start, what for you is that tool's

  • main strong point?  
  • main weak point?



Alessandra Antonaci's picture

Wow is very usefull this resource....Among the commercially oriented environments I would suggest to add Torque Game Builder. The 2D version has a drag and drop interface. It allows to generate various game types.

Francesca Dagnino's picture

Thank you for your suggestion!

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