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MAGICAL Magos MaKey-MaKey Master's

makey makey & Magos

To mark the conclusion of MAGICAL classroom experiments in Italy, ITD-CNR held a special event at the Deledda International School (DIS) in Genoa, Italy: the MAGICAL Magos MaKey-MaKey Master’s. Over 40 lower secondary students took part in this end-of-school-year challenge to construct a novel computer control device replacing the conventional mouse and keyboard.

MAGICAL field tests in full swing

MAGICAL field testing is currently in full swing, with game-making activities taking place in primary and lower secondary schools across Europe. Teachers and students in Finland, Greece and Italy have been using the Magos Lite platform to make learning games both at school and at home. And so far they've constructed 1200 games! The first reactions from both groups appear to be very positive. The kids are taking to game making with real enthusiasm, and teachers are impressed by the engagement and motivation that the activities are generating among all their students.

Testing MaKey MaKey with Magos Lite

Yesterday our after school game club participants were introduced to the world of Makey Makey. In brief, MaKey MaKey is an invention kit for the 21st century. With MaKey MaKey you can turn everyday objects into touchpads and combine them with the Internet. Our game club participants made their own custom game controllers in order to play games created with Magos Lite game creation tool. Watch a YouTube video:

Testing game making in an after school program

After school program experiment

Couple weeks ago we started an experiment in which second graders use Magos Lite and other accessible game making tools to create games in a weekly after school program. The game design sessions of the program last 1,5 hours and are organized in Käppärä school, Pori, Finland (15 hours altogether). There was a lot interest towards the program, but we could only accept 16 pupils for the program (randomly selected pupils). In the first two sessions pupils created games in pairs with Magos Lite with iPads.


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